Competent, capable, different not disabled

Jordans Opticians

This is the website of Ian and Beatrice Jordan. They have an optical practice in Ayr and prescribe coloured lenses for ASD, people with dyslexia, dyspraxia and various other conditions.

Related Links

Here are some links to websites that you might find useful:

Donna Williams

This is the website of Donna Williams, a very fabulous autie.

Goodness Direct

This is a useful website for GF-CF food and for other special diets.


This is the website of Marilyn le Breton and Rosemary Kessick, who provide help and information about the GF-CF diet.

Alexander Technique

This is my Alexander Technique teacher’s website. Alexander Technique is good for improving mental and physical health, and particularly useful for people on the spectrum because of our sensory processing differences.

To contact, e-mail: debi@aspiedebi.com

Walking near Pluscarden Abbey

“Yes Debi, literally half my salary goes on beer.”


I had already made a startled face before I figured out this statement probably  wasn’t true.

Autism Rights Group Highland

A group run by and for autistic adults in the highlands of Scotland.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers

A specialist autism publisher — who has accepted my second book — yey! My second book can be found on the JKP website here.


Scottish Autism

An autism charity who provides services to people on the spectrum and their families.  I am working together with Scottish Autism to help develop some post-diagnostic materials and to deliver staff training. They are very good and are incredibly supportive about my second book.

Speculums for the Terrified

This is a very important resource regarding smear tests and other women’s gynaecological procedures, that I would like to get to as many people as possible on both sides of the speculum.

Aspiedebi Swedish Massage:  “Massage by Sara” 

I am delighted to now be offering Swedish Massage in Glasgow.

Stella Macdonald

Stella is an aspie super-star and is amazing at working with families and encouraging everyone. She gives talks and training on autism.