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My green glasses.


The front pair are trendier but the back pair have a much better field of view.

Coloured Glasses

Not recognising people’s facial expression and/or seeing severe distortions in facial features are, for some autistic people, major difficulties. Other common difficulties include slow or not received sensory messages, dyslexia and dyspraxia. The good news is these issues can be addressed by wearing coloured glasses – the glass is tinted to a particular colour, making them appear that colour and making the world look that colour when you look through them.


A balanced sensory system = calm.


I got tested for coloured glasses at Jordans Opticians in Ayr by Ian and Beatrice Jordan.  They conducted a large variety of tests, all of which confirmed that I process the colour green well but have some difficulties processing red and blue. This two-hour appointment was completely free on the NHS. Since I process green well, I now have glasses with green tinted lenses, which eliminate much of the blue and red light. The personal benefits I have received from my green glasses are summarised in the table on the following page.







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“I can see hundreds of fingers... is that not normal?”


Comment made at Jordans Opticians