Competent, capable, different not disabled

I can use my aspie features as strengths.

The Spectrum — a balanced view (cont.)

2.          Social Interaction


Advantages of having autistic spectrum traits of social interaction


· We may highly value and enjoy the company of others on the spectrum

· We can be very funny, because we often have very different experiences to other people.

· We are tolerant and accepting of difference in other people.

· We are not motivated by accruing points of social standing so we can be very genuine.

· We are good at teaching and encouraging others.

· We don’t tend to look down on others.

· We tend to treat people as equals.

· We have integrity — how we are with one group of people is how we are with another group.

· We are loyal.



Disadvantages of having autistic spectrum traits of social interaction


· We might not enjoy being in a large groups of NTs (NT = person not on the spectrum).

· We might talk in monologues too much and we may forget to ask about the other person.

· We can be vulnerable and taken advantage of.

· If there is no shared interest, social interaction might be hard and the motivation to interact might not be there.

· In some circumstances, we can get into trouble for not recognising the social hierarchy of a situation.

· Other people can find us “intense” because of our narrow and deep focus on things, interests and people, which is fine, but other people are not like this and may not be used to it.





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