Returning from Bute

Competent, capable, different not disabled

Coping with difficult things makes us realize how capable we are and that we are incredibly resilient people.


Stella Macdonald

The Spectrum a balanced view (cont.)

3. Imagination


Advantages of having autistic spectrum traits of imagination


 We may solve problems in unusual and creative ways that would not occur to others.

 We may find routine and structure very helpful.

 We may enjoy a very rich inner life.

 We may have a natural talent and ability at acting.

 We might be great in the arts performing, music, dance, drawing/painting, jewellery-making, pottery, etc.

 We have exceptional long-term memories, in whatever mode we naturally use (verbal, pictures, kinesthetic, etc.)



Disadvantages of having autistic spectrum traits of imagination


 We may find it hard to predict the consequences of our actions on others.

 Other people might not appreciate some of our solutions to problems and might laugh at us.

 It can be hard to generalise - to see how a new situation is similar to something that we have already experienced and to adapt this prior knowledge.

 It might be hard to access knowledge quickly, especially under conditions of stress or overload.





So, PLEASE world, stop seeing us as nothing more than a poor bunch of impaired people. Open your eyes to the real picture.


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