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Sensory Sensitivities (cont.)

Hypo-sensitivity solutions:


Sensory Hypo-sensitivity





Coloured glasses – use lights in your bedroom to relax.


Use higher volumes.



Sniff some nice smelling candles and carry something nice smelling with you.




Use spices.



Weighted blanket, lycra clothing which compresses the body.



Coloured glasses



Trampolining/dancing/any activity with movement.


The reason why coloured glasses figures a few times is that these help all sensory problems, and not just those on the visual channel (see corresponding article).


Personally, I am slightly hyper-sensitive to sight and sound, but under-sensitive to the rest of my senses.  I suspect that this is because I spend most of my time on the sight and sound channels, at the expense of the others (due to monoprocessing).


For some people, hyper and hypo sensory issues are extremely disabling, but these are often misunderstood by society, and the person can be just seen as being awkward. 


For an excellent explanation of these and other sensory issues, I recommend:


Bogdashina, O. (2003).  Sensory Perceptual Issues in Autism and Asperger Syndrome.  London:  Jessica Kingsley.


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