Competent, capable, different not disabled

Wet but happy after kayaking

Advantages of being on the Spectrum

1.           We are a lot more able to be honest than most other people.


2.           We are rare and precious.


3.           We are genuine.


4.           We have an ability to focus and work harder than other people when we want to.


5.           We love justice.


6.           We see things in a different way to others.


7.           We are creative.


8.           We are innocents.


9.           We have child-like hearts.


10.         We are good learners, and may be very good teachers.


11.         We respond well to consistency, rules and structure.


12.         We are highly moral.


13.         We have lives that frequently present new comic situations.


14.         Our number 1 priority is not “what other might people think”.


15.         We are simple people.


16.         We value substance over style.


17.         We have a rich and complex inner life.


18.         We are very courageous.


19.         We are survivors.


20.         We can use our bad experiences to help others.

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