Competent, capable, different not disabled

Lifestory so far...

I grew up in the Midlands in a family of five, went to a mainstream comprehensive school and took A-levels in science and language subjects. I learned ballet, tap and jazz dancing and played the flute and piano, but my favourite hobby was quite definitely (and still is) trampolining. After school, I went to Leicester University, made some friends and got a Masters Degree in Physics. After University, I spent three months travelling around South America. All this time, I had no idea that I was on the spectrum, or different in any way to anyone else.


In my adult life, I have had various office jobs. When I was 29, to my great surprise, I discovered that I am an aspie!  I decided that denial would not be a good plan, because I would still have all the same problems, just without the knowledge to deal with them.  So, I decided to learn as much as possible about the spectrum, enrolled again in University and I now have a post-graduate certificate in Autism. 


I want to do something useful with my life, so I do self-employed work in the autism field and volunteer work with aspie and autie kids. 


I have written two books on autism, which you can read about here and here.  The first is a general one about autism, and the second is a book which teaches aspie girls and women how to be safe with men — a really important and under-recognised theme.


I am turning into quite a nifty ice-skater and am learning jumps and spins. I think community is really important. I sing soprano and make pots, not particularly brilliantly in either case, but enjoyably. I like playing with kids. I cultivate friends who have a trampoline and/or children. I enjoy collecting other aspie and autie friends.


I have recently become a Mum after a very long, difficult time of trying. My boy is gorgeous.

To contact, e-mail: debi@aspiedebi.com

“Eating my porridge on the bus is a great plan because it saves time in the morning.”


My perfectly sensible strategy to avoid having to get up early.