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Are you Eating an Orange? - my first book

My first book is called “Are you Eating an Orange? and other stories from the autistic spectrum”. This includes various autism theories, a summary of the most important things I have found during my extensive reading and things that I’ve tried that really work and that I have seen improve people’s lives. The book is based on both my own experiences and those of other spectrum folk. You can get an idea of some of the topics covered by the book by reading through the short articles on this website.


The book aims to present the autistic spectrum in a reader-friendly, and as importantly autism-friendly, way. No prior knowledge of autism is necessary.


If you would like a copy of my book, please e-mail me at: debi@aspiedebi.com.


You can read about my second book, “The Aspie Girl’s Guide to Being Safe with Men”, by clicking here.

To contact, e-mail: debi@aspiedebi.com

“Active but odd.  That’s what you are and what I’m becoming.”


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