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Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten is a substance found in some grains and casein is in milk. The GF-CF diet is one in which gluten, casein (and a few other foodstuffs) are avoided.


Many people on the spectrum report stomach and gut problems. Many people also report that doing the GF-CF diet helps or solves these problems. However, the official view of is there is not yet enough published research to support the GF-CF diet. So, your doctor is highly unlikely to be recommending this diet. However, I am an experimentalist and I jumped right in with both feet to see whether the diet helped. It did help, a lot.


The rules of the version of the GF-CF diet that I follow are to avoid the following foods:


Casein, lactose, milk, whey, gluten, barley, malt, oats, rye, spelt, wheat, monosodium glutamate, aspartame, E621 and yeast extract.


Luke Jackson (2002a).


Note:  the exact foods given above are according to one theory. Some people believe that they only need to eliminate just wheat or just milk. It could be that everyone needs to find the exact foods out for themselves personally, rather than this exact set of foods being avoided by everyone.


It sounds pretty scary to eliminate both wheat and milk, but it really is possible and there is a surprising variety of substitutes available these days, although you may need to shop on-line occasionally and visit health food shops once in a while.


The personal effects of the diet vary from person to person and seem to depend on the severity of the autism. For me personally, I found that my mild but continual stomach pains stopped within a few days of cutting out wheat and I had a much better functioning digestive system for about a year and a half (before I developed a stress problem, which I think is unrelated to the diet and would have happened anyway). I have also noticed a dramatic improvement in my immune system’s ability to fight infections. I used to catch every cold going around, but now, I am hardly ever sick.


People with severe sensory processing issues who are on the diet have reported to me additional significant mental effects. For example, a substantial improvement in sensory processing abilities, which dramatically increase comprehension of speech and therefore directly improves communication. Another effect reported to me is an increase in attention span and improved ability to take in complex information. 



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“I believe in diet and that’s not easy.  It's a choice between a drugged state and being part of the world.”


Donna Williams, Autie.