Competent, capable, different not disabled


I am an experienced speaker and am happy to do talks on any of the following:


Women and girls on the spectrum                         Safety skills

Autism Awareness                                                 Communication

School/University                                                   Glasses with coloured lenses

Personal experiences                                            Wellbeing

Sensory Issues and diet                                         Independent Living skills



...and other topics on request.


I can do different styles of talks tailored towards spectrum folk (at any IQ), parents and professionals.  I am particularly keen to speak with and help other people who have been diagnosed as  adults, as I feel particularly passionately for them, who do not necessarily have parents fighting their corner.


Here are some comments I received from a talk given at a conference on employment:


“Excellent, Debi was very interesting and humorous with it.”


“Debi Brown’s input.  Fascinating and hilarious.”


“Debi Brown was the highlight – informative and entertaining.”


“Debi was very informative about ASD and gave me a better insight in working with others with ASD.”


And here are some from a secondary school:


       “I really enjoyed the session.  It made me sit up and listen.  I am amazed at how much              I’ve learned on Asperger’s.  Great to hear from a person living with Asperger’s.”


        “Debi is very easy to listen to and kept my attention all through the session.  Made it              very interesting and making me more aware of the problems people have with their              condition.”


        “Very interesting listening to someone with Asperger’s which helped me understand it              more.”


        “I found this to be very interesting and useful.  I enjoyed it.  I have saw a different              insight into Asperger’s.”


         “This course has raised my awareness and how I will deal with children who may be              on the spectrum.  Debi did a great job at presenting the course.”


If you would like me to do a talk for you, please e-mail me: debi@aspiedebi.com.

“How are you?”


“Mmmm, middling to bad”.


Apparently, an honest evaluation of how I was feeling was not being sought.