Looking forward to the next Atlantic hurricane season

(Image: George Peterson)

All interest will be on the Atlantic Ocean for the summer of 2021 with the annual Atlantic Hurricane Season officially beginning on 2 June and running to 30 November.

Odds of major hurricanes crossing the United States has been brought down to just one in 38 chances.

But this could all change depending on El Nino in the Atlantic.

’50/50 chance for El Nino in 2019′

There is one period of time for El Nino to emerge, as the Atmospheric Oscillation Index at La Rosita recorded this month

This period of time has a 50% chance for it to occur.

If it does the risk of a major hurricane striking North America increases to two in four chances.

There is still a 60% chance that the season will be average, while a maximum risk is 25%.

Geo Weather forecaster The Statertorium says: “It’s far from “inevitable” that one of the 10 named storms will become a hurricane in any given year.

“But when you combine the chance of a tropical cyclone entering the U.S. within a 9-day period of their name being issued with the average likelihood of that happening at this time of year, it certainly does not help the case that we would not be expecting a hurricane to make landfall in any U.S. state during the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season.”

Click here for more information from The Atlantic Hurricane Forecast.

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