Trump raises cash for reelection campaign in L.A.

President Trump is raising money for his reelection campaign at a super PAC fundraiser Friday in Los Angeles. The fundraiser will take place at the offices of Citizens for Trump, the president’s super PAC, according to a source with knowledge of the invitation.

It’s not clear where the president will be appearing at the event, although Trump is scheduled to spend the day at Camp David.

The primary benefactor for the event is rumored to be Enrique Pena Nieto, the Mexican president, according to Trump insider John Catsimatidis, who was a surrogate for the president during the 2016 campaign and was recently picked up by the American media.

The Mexico mogul told Fox News on Friday that he’s talking to Trump for the president to attend the fundraiser.

Many Mexican media outlets are dubbing the event the “Carlos Slim fundraiser,” since Trump’s billionaire backer “Carlos Slim” has long been known as the Republican’s biggest patron among Mexico’s political elite.

Catsimatidis said Thursday that he will work with Pena Nieto, Trump, and the transition team to choose someone from Mexico to accompany Trump at the event.

The super PAC fundraiser comes after the president met this week with Florida victims affected by the shooting massacre at a Parkland high school.

“I want to thank everybody that has come to the meetings,” Trump said at an event on Wednesday. “You’ve actually been all over the room. You’ve been talking.”

“Like you, I’ve heard many people say that they don’t have a mental health problem, but a learning and emotional problem. I know, it’s tough when it comes to being a school administrator, but it’s also very tough when it comes to hearing the third generation of a family have a death. It’s also very tough when it comes to hearing a kid is the shooter, and I know that very well. It’s very tough. It’s very tough. We have some great coaches. That’s something that I’ve asked people to look into very heavily,” he added.

This story was originally published by Fox News.

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