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Hi and welcome to my website.


I am an Aspie (nice way to say person with Asperger Syndrome) in my 30s, presently living in Scotland, and I discovered that I was an aspie about five years ago.  I have quite a lot of autie and aspie friends and a post-graduate certificate in autism.


I am very interested in the colourful world that is the autistic spectrum and I have put together some information that I have found relevant and helpful. 


If you would like to buy my first book, “Are you Eating an Orange?”, please e-mail me at: debi@aspiedebi.com. You can read about this here.


My second book, “The Aspie Girl’s Guide to Being Safe with Men”, is available from Jessica Kingsley Publishers and Amazon. You can read about this here.


I have a blog, in which I write about the funny side of living on the spectrum — you can read this here: http://aspiedebi.blogspot.co.uk/


I am available to give talks/do training.


I hope my website will be helpful to you in your journey.

To contact, e-mail: debi@aspiedebi.com

Stranger on a bus: “Are you Polish?”


“No, I’m autistic.”

Sara Arrowsmith trading as Debi Brown