Investigation into fate of body found in Solomon Islands’ capital still underway

A police officer in the Solomon Islands is working to identify the remains found on the Pacific nation’s mainland following days of protests in the capital of Honiara.

One police officer, several civil servants and a senator were killed and seven people were injured since protests against the national government over delayed and limited fuel price increases spread to Honiara last week.

Police are investigating reports that bodies were found in the capital on Saturday. Some have been burned, CNN reports.

Samuel Tawhi, general secretary of the National Union of Workers, told reporters at a hospital in Honiara that an MP was taken to hospital with injuries from the protests.

Hundreds of law enforcement officers fanned out across Honiara to clear the streets on Sunday and dismantle barricades that were erected during protests.

Protests went on for days despite appeals by church leaders and Prime Minister Ralph Regenvanu to stop the violence.

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