Bryan Adams apologizes for cocaine use, marijuana use after overdose

Singer Bryan Adams on Saturday apologized for testing positive for cocaine and for marijuana use, as he did in February, after he collected his doctor’s recommendation to return to his St. Albert, Alberta home for medical marijuana use.

“I am a longtime advocate for the benefits of both marijuana and cannabis oil,” Adams, 62, said in a statement issued by music management company ICM Partners. “I was prescribed marijuana to treat inflammation and inflammation-related illnesses. I am reminded in my medical file that this does not absolve me of my responsibility to educate myself on what is actually taking place in my body, especially as I got back to singing again after coming out of the medically induced coma.”

The musician, who also is known for hits such as “Every Picture Tells a Story,” noted that he has tried to avoid cocaine use by not consuming the drug at all and that he still follows physicians’ orders for marijuana as he continues to recover from his overdose.

“This morning I completed a return-to-work test for the second time in a month. Each time, it was discovered that I was clean and prescription tested positive for no prescription medicine,” he said. “It is our national holiday this week and I feel a great deal of pride in the fact that I am able to have a positive impact on the lives of my fellow Canadians by advocating for the use of cannabis oil and by clearly illustrating its proven, preventative and healing properties for the general public. I apologize to everyone for not being more forthcoming with my past drug use.”

Adams said he is planning to offer a more extensive statement on “my work with medical cannabis and the health benefits of cannabis, which will follow.”

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