Sidewalk shoppers in New York City treated to holiday window displays

Men and women alike waited in line in the sun to pick up holiday merchandise in New York City. The City’s busy shoppers wandered into one of these special windows, which decorate the entranceways of major retailers, and loaded up their carts.

Sidewalk shoppers in the heart of New York City’s 34th Street corridor went crazy for this long-standing holiday tradition.

Many passersby including children swarmed the window. But they were not only lining up for sale items. In fact, many visitors enjoyed wandering through the windows themselves.

The holiday merchandise placed in such elaborate, grandiose displays are nothing short of eye-popping.

The holiday windows are a touchpoint for city shoppers who are waiting outside, but are finally able to walk into the famed retail destinations.

For the last two years, many visitors waited in line to enter Macy’s flagship store in Midtown for window display selections of holiday sales. For years, the retailer sold live reindeer. Now, visitors had to find the door, but they were greeted with gift-wrapped objects of all shapes and sizes.

Evelyn Greenberg said that the display sparked imagination, when she’s shopping for costumes and presents this time of year.

“I’ve never seen a display like this in past years,” she said, waiting in line. “It makes people think of all kinds of ideas.”

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