American citizens warned against Trump’s govt’s policies in Africa, the Balkans

What we learned:

A White House statement said “In coordination with our South African partners, we will increase precautions for American citizens traveling to or residing in South Africa.”

Sticker shock: They advise travelers to conduct an “undue cause” to inspect luggage and search through belongings for certain items, including electronic devices, hard-to-detect liquids and medicine, powders and other potentially hazardous items.

The U.S. government is also warning against excessive public displays of affection, flag waving, a “lack of personal respect for elders,” reckless driving, and other aspects of a “reckless” or “displayy” lifestyle.

Most passengers will be subjected to a secondary inspection and extra screening, the statement says.

The administration is asking countries with a significant number of Americans to take more proactive measures, rather than wait for the U.S. to act. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Iran, Sudan, Russia, and Cuba are on the list.

They will not be exempt from the ban, but will exempt themselves from the restrictions if they reduce the number of Americans visiting.

They will allow the U.S. to “undertake limited technical discussions” about their internal security measures, but will not be allowed to inspect their travelers’ luggage.

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