‘South Park’ to premiere new episode online and on cable

WASHINGTON — The Washington Post on Wednesday announced that the next episode of Comedy Central’s “South Park” will debut online and on cable this fall, coinciding with the publication of a new book called “South Park: Post-Pandemic.”

“The Post” book proposal for “South Park: Post-Pandemic” (written by Tom Toles, James Gerken and current Post staff member Kevin Halley, who previously reported for the paper) imagines what South Park and its residents would be like had the town come to a halt to allow a devastating outbreak of the H1N1 flu. With the fictional media on standby, Trey Parker and Matt Stone turn the situation into an apocalyptic documentary series, in which “South Park” becomes “the first documentary to show the world how it really feels when a pandemic breaks out.”

The Post is the world’s first western newspaper to be published online under the name “The Post.” Toles called the project a “comic format which depicts a paper that lives and breathes the ways of the internet age.”

He added, “The production is truly unique in its ability to take ideas from the print domain and beam them into a digital format. No other newspaper is able to weave online interactivity into the everyday. There are some web-based content players who do do so, but none of those players go beyond the physical realm.”

The story, co-written by Halley, will come out in the fall of 2018.

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