World leader claims Russia is plotting coup against him

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Unnamed Indian statesman, who says he is currently in Washington, says he was intercepted at Mideast summit

World leader claims Russia is plotting coup against him

A World leader has claimed Russian secret services have been “clandestinely” organising a coup against him.

The unnamed Indian statesman said the Russians are trying to disrupt his work and urged US allies to help the Indian government in its effort to thwart the plans.

“It’s a covert Russian coup and I want America to be involved now and shut them down. I want the Trump administration to pass sanctions on Russia for the actions of the conspirators,” the statesman said.

His comments, made at a conference in Washington DC, were reported by The Quint, an Indo-American news website.

He claimed that international intelligence agencies, including Australia, Japan and France, are currently involved in thwarting the planned coup.

The statesman said he and other Indians were “laughing at their high-level Russian and Indian counterparts”.

“Russia is using deceitfully its intelligence and economic channels. This can’t be allowed,” he said.

Catherine Ashton, the EU’s foreign policy chief, rebuffed the claims.

“I can confirm the claims are completely untrue,” she said.

A spokesperson for India’s external affairs ministry did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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