First Time TV Player Shelby Rogers Says This Time of Year Really Hurts

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It was “Clutch Time” at the U.S. Open, but it was time for Shelby Rogers.

FOX’s Kelly Carlin has this edition of “FOX on Golf”:

Your recap here for the No.4 seed Shauna Rogers, where she finished up second out of the finalists at the U.S. Open in New York. What was your thinking leading up to playing your final group against Madison Brengle and Coleton Davies?

Rogers: “I woke up and didn’t really know where I was. I’m just lost right now. I have been to the semifinals in the last couple of weeks, so I was pretty jacked for this. The idea came about that I needed to kind of erase my history at that point and do what I have to do and I’m on to the next goal.”

How did the match playing with all the traditions at the U.S. Open compare to what you’ve been doing your whole life.

Rogers: “I knew that it was a legend. I knew that. I still know that. My dad’s huge into the sport, he plays football. He saw that one play with that blue shirt and the sombrero, and he said ‘wow.’ And I was like ‘no, it’s the U.S. Open’ I can’t even believe it. I’ve kind of got in the minds of how I’m going to play and then there’s a different arena. I like the ideas of the surroundings and how they feel. But the typical golfing world, that’s the biggest thing.”

How did it feel knowing you’ve been doing so well on the LPGA Tour but you always seem to have these matches when it’s about the same and you’re just more nervous.

Rogers: “I have a rule, and the rules are guys. So it’s like if it’s 20 points, if I hit a 10-footer or make it, that’s it. The game’s over. If I need to hit a five-footer that’s it and I’m done. So it’s not really on me. I can’t control what the ball does, I just control how it bounces, so yeah that’s good.”

How are you feeling heading into this week’s WGC Cadillac Championship?

Rogers: “This time of year for me, I get more nervous than anywhere and the whole week I’ve been so ready for it. I’m not going to lie, I’m going to have nine million death threats.”

Shelby Rogers, who was ranked No. 146 when the WGC U.S. Women’s Open was played, is No. 89 in the world coming into this week.

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